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If you are considering divorce, in the divorce process, or already divorced you know that it is very challenging. Wherever you are in the process we can help you. 

Let us share with you support, skills, and steps that you can take today to create the future you want.

Take the First Step. Assess where you are by taking our free Divorce Adjustment Self-Test. You will get a personalized report on how you are doing overall and 6 sub-categories.

Take Back Your Life!

As you begin to accept what has happened and gain perspective on the situation the emotional roller coaster will come to an end. You will emerge a stronger person ready to rebuild your life.

  • Rebuild Your Self-Esteem
  • Regain Your Confidence
  • Restore Your Self-Reliance

Bring Joy Back to Life

While you are learning to let go and leave the past behind, you will begin experiencing the present moment. Happiness and joy will begin to return to your life.

  • Enjoy the Present Moment
  • Release the Past
  • Envision Your Future

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Considering Divorce?
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Should you? This is the most comprehensive library of information you will find.
Divorcing? Separated?
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I’m sorry you are here but my goal is that you are thankful you found us. We have a tremendous array of resources available to you help you.  A few things to consider: when you are divorcing that can mean a LOT of different things. Generally there are two phases: total chaos and a lot …
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Once you are divorced, once those papers are signed and done is a milestone. It’s neither good nor bad. But it is a point in your life that changes things. You will no longer wonder whether you might be able to work things out or not. So where do you go from here? The first …