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  • Healing and Recovery
    • Overview and Mindset
    • Behaviors
    • Grieving the Loss
    • Managing and Expressing Anger
    • Openness
  • A New Foundation
    • Building Self-Esteem
    • Love
    • Communication
    • Relationships
    • Authenticity
  • Bonus
    • Intro to Forgiveness
    • Resistance to Forgiveness
    • Forgiveness is not
    • Why Forgive?
    • How to Forgive

What is the Online Rebuilding Seminar?

A Self-Paced Home-Based Support Group to help you Heal, Grow, and Learn.

A divorce has been described as a nuclear bomb going off in your relationship. It affects everything. This seminar addresses the essential but common issues that over 2,000 people have used to rebuild their life. It is a Step-By-Step Process To Letting Go.

Discover how to put down your anger and uncertainty using a combination of live discussions, reading, and homework. Each week different aspects of rebuilding your life are addressed.

Tools to help you understand yourself and relationships better.

We used research-based assessments to help you identify your current emotional state both before and after the course. These assessments will provide you with an understanding of who you are.

Learn powerful communication

When you understand how to share your anger and communicate in a powerful but honest way you can change relationships for the better.

Woman in goup discussion

Here’s how you will REBUILD your life:

The Rebuilding Seminar is divided into two phases. The first 5 lesson are to process the relationship that you are grieving. The second five lessons are to learn about how to grow from the experience and understand how to not repeat the past.

  • When does the anger and grief stop? 
  • Is it just a matter time?
  • How do I move forward?
  • Will anyone else understand how I feel?

These are actual questions we receive from divorcees all the time. Everyone thinks that their situation is different. That the hurt they feel is worse than others can possibly know. Now let me ask you a question (or more)….

  • What if you really could radically diminish the anger and confusion that you feel….forever?
  • What if you could spend time with your children or ex-spouse at family gatherings and be peaceful?
  • What if you learned some powerful techniques that could bring you stability in your emotions?

That’s Why We Created our Divorce Recovery Seminar

This online class originally started as a local in-person program over 30 years ago! The techniques are proven. Thousands have taken some version of the program. We’ve seen the techniques and information that make a profound impact and deliver it efficiently and effectly. Do NOT Wait Another Day to Start the Journey to Being Happy!

Seriously…don’t do it. Why wait? Anger. Loneliness, Confusion. Sadness. These are all emotions that are holding you back from being able to move forward. Set down the weight of these difficult emotions and feel a lightness that you haven’t felt in a long time. The exercises are simple. You can do the course on your smartphone, a computer, or a tablet.  The choice is yours. If you want to get started, click the “Enroll Now” button below and finally begin the journey to peace. 

  • Community
  • New Friends
  • Guided by an Instructor
  • Lifelong Change

These are results taken from clients that have gone through our program versus those that haven’t…

(And yes, results do vary…)
graduates vs non graduates divorce adjustment score

The middle set of data shows that non-graduates have scored as low as 214, with an average of 360. Graduates increased their lowest score by almost 100 points (a 38% improvement) with an average improvement of 64 points.  This might not seem like much but its very significant considering we use a 10 week program instead of years of “waiting”

"I am finding the videos, supplementary readings and homework assignments very supportive. Each week I feel stronger and more hopeful about what is ahead in my life. I also have a weekly coaching session with Kevin. This helps me to remain focused on the course content and take a deep dive into insights I gained about myself and the ending of my relationship. It helps to bring further clarity about the rebuilding process, which I am confident others will find to be a healing process and bring to them a sense of optimism about their future."
New Zealand

These are just a small handful of our client success stories click on the images to play the videos…

blue arrows down

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to have taken this journey with you and the class. It’s been very mind blowing and a real eye opener.


I would wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace Nick and the work and help that he provides so that you can walk a path to find yourself.


The Rebuilding Workshop helped me realize how much I was relying on other people to make me happy. No wonder my past relationships never worked out!

Bob W

The structured way that the Seminar was put together, helped me move through the initial pain, frustration and confusion. Even though I have benefited from therapy, this process made a big difference because I kept building a new foundation and new ways to become more adept at dealing with conflict and challenges.

Mary T.

Great course and great value!

R. Rummel

It was in about the fourth or fifth week when a lot of what I was learning came together for me, and the deep pain I had been in, started for the first time, to become manageable. As the Seminar went on, I found that I was able to become more focused at work and more attentive to my children’s needs

Sally B

At the beginning of the Seminar I was struggling a lot. The Facilitator, my fellow students, and the homework made a huge difference. I really was not sure I would feel good again. Now, I feel better, and have a much clearer sense of how I stay out of struggle, and keep moving forward in a positive way.

Marilyn D

Before I made the decision to take this class, I was lost emotionally and mentally. I remember how isolated I was from the world because of the depression. I couldn’t believe that someday I will go through a divorce. I lost sense of self. I didn’t even know what my purpose in life is and why am I still here. I got to the point where I hated myself because of the feeling of rejection. It was like a nightmare I wasn’t sure if I would ever wake up from it. I have tried almost everything but nothing has helped me get through this struggle but this class. Nick did a great job in reaching out for those who are in need to get their life back. He helped me understand where I’m and why I’m feeling the way I was. Not only that but he also gave me the effective tools to develop a healthy inner self and to continue my life that way I would like it to be regardless of my past. The wonderful people I met in this class have also impacted me tremendously. Sharing our divorce/separation experiences and everything that came with it has made me feel that I’m not alone. This group class was the best decision I’ve ever made and I feel so blessed to meet every one of you. Thank you all for your advice and the words of encouragement. I can now move on with my life and hope that I’ll continue fulfilling my purpose in this life.


I believe the most impactful part of our seminar for me was, how it taught me about myself. I became aware that I mattered. I had completely lost myself throughout my life of marriage and kids. I had existed as a non-entity until now. I learned that I am worth focusing on, being taken care of, valued, and cherished. I am worth having a good time, laughing, and my feelings, thoughts and dreams matter! I am a kind and giving person, but I can also take care of ME now as well. I am stronger than I think I am, and I am ENOUGH! This will be a constant journey of self-worth for me, so please keep me in all of your prayers and thoughts. You are all forever with me! Thank you, Nick!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone.


When my husband left suddenly and I was new to Denver, I knew I needed help navigating the scary world of separation and divorce. I discovered the The Fisher Rebuilding Seminar through online research and believe this course not only sustained me during a difficult time but also provided key resources for building a life apart from one’s partner. Nick Meima does a superb job of creating a safe space for thoughtful and meaningful exploration during a very fragile time in one’s life. The deliberate and intentional topics help those in distress make sense of what is happening and create new stories for how to create purposeful lives. It has been a time of growth, healing and tremendous encouragement.

M. Larma

My overall experience with Rebuilders was extremely insightful and educational in regards to the path back to the loving independent person I know I am. Nick was inspirational in guiding fellow classmates through each week, and holding our hand along the path to becoming whole again. I looked forward to meeting each week to learn from others and share my experiences. There were times during the program Nick would reach out to check on participants and their well-being. He went above and beyond what I expected. I wish I had known about this seminar during earlier losses in my life because I feel inspired and now know that my healing has been accelerated as a result of this seminar. It has been a lifesaver, literally.


Nick told me that we all go through the ending alone and that in order to heal and grow we cannot get through by ourselves. The huge amount of support I gained from the book, the teaching, the session with Nick and from my fellow students was amazing”

Melanie N

There was no Divorce Workshops available near where I live. I was skeptical that an online class could help. The Seminar, with the technology, made it very easy and accessible. All my questions were always answered. The facilitation and teaching were excellent. I made friends with several students – we talk weekly. All of us grew so much as a result of the Seminar

Dan P

Getting away from the obsessive/incessant thoughts and memories from the relationship ending. I remember going into this program 27 years earlier thinking that nobody could feel as badly as I did at the time. I soon found that was not true and everyone there was hurting no matter their circumstances. The same was true again. Being in a group setting, hearing others situations and issues, relating to them and growing through the crap together was very helpful for me. Thanks to you all for being part of my experience.

Bill R

Enrolling in Nick’s seminar literally saved my life. I was in such pain and couldn’t stop crying even though almost a year had passed since my divorce. My doctors recommended numerous books and prescribed countless prescriptions, but I was stuck in my grief. The longer I was stuck, the more fearful I became. It was a vicious cycle. My heart was squeezed so tight, I could barely breathe. I never experienced such pain. I was losing hope and wished I was dead. I completed the Self-Test online and Nick immediately called to offer support. I signed up for his 10-week course and not only did real healing begin, but Nick gave us valuable tools needed to move forward and build a more authentic life. Everyone who participated in our seminar agreed it was life-changing. Overall Satisfaction = 10.


I am several years removed from my divorce. Still, this was a fabulous personal growth opportunity for me. Nick is expert at setting an accepting tone to the class. His patience and willingness to “wait” with us in silence as we process some of our most difficult experiences let me know that he valued each and everyone’s thoughts and feelings. Nick is extraordinarily kind and able to empathize with those taking his workshop. He enhanced Dr. Fisher’s work with several of his own activities and discussions. One of these was the discussions of the Drama and Authentic Triangles. I applied this not only to my separation/divorce experience, but also to many relationships in my personal and professional life. I recommend this learning opportunity to all who has come through divorce and ask, “Now what? How can I find greater happiness and satisfaction in my life?

Helen P

I would like to start by saying that in the beginning of my breakup, before deciding to go through with the divorce process, I was a very lost soul. We were married for such a long time. I didn’t know which way was up and was very frightened. I had very unusual circumstances for why my wife and I decided to get a divorce. Personally, I did not want to go through a divorce, I was in denial and there was a lot of hurt. One day my therapist suggested joining a local meet up website to try and connect to new people. I was browsing around and I found the [After Divorce Support] group. I went to the website and I filled out the questionnaire. I was then contacted and by my surprise I was invited to lunch and was given feedback based off my answers. I was a little suspicious about meeting with a group of strangers but I felt comfortable after the first night of the class. The emotions poured through and the healing process began. Not only did I participate in discussing my feelings, which I never do, but I also gained a sense of understanding and insight on why my marriage had ended. This process was not easy in the beginning but I allowed myself to share and really dig into who I am as a person and how to move on. I have gained many valuable friendships and a support group that may last the rest of my life. Nick and Tara, the group leaders, were very understanding and I admire what they do and what they continue to do considering they have been there themselves. Looking back, this was the best decision I have ever made. To be able to bond with others going through similar situations was very insightful and I learned so much. There is still so much to learn about life and my new journey being single again and now I have direction and the fear has become my strength to move on and maybe one day love again.


Thank you Nick for a great class! I really don’t know where I would have been without it. So grateful I have moved away from the state of blame and victimization and so glad to feel empowered and ready to create a new life!

Kristin B

Words cannot express the valuable insight I found during my workshop experience. I find myself stronger, much happier & less anxiety-ridden. I believe processing every single emotion truly made the difference. I tell anyone going thru a split to invest in this class. The structure & support of people in the trenches with me, were priceless. Thank u, thank u, thank u! You really helped in leading me to the path toward healing.

Anne N

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