Currently we offer two different courses. The first course is an 11 session class that uses the same content from our Live, online course. You can proceed at your own pace and on your own schedule. We recommend that you spend about 10 weeks moving through the material. You will interact with others taking the course when you have time.

The second course is with a live facilitator that last 10 weeks. This course takes place weekly with a live facilitator. You join the class via your phone or computer. There are other people in the class that you will interact with during the class and in between to act as a support network. Often classmates become friends after the class. 

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Video Divorce Class

11 Modules
$ 197
  • Start immediately
  • Self Paced
  • Quick Results

Online Divorce Class

10 week program
$ 499
  • Starts Every 5 weeks
  • Facilitator Led
  • Walk the journey with others
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