Divorce Adjustment Quiz

1. I like being the person I am
2. I can communicate with my ex or Soon-to-be-ex in a calm and rational manner
3. There are many things about my personality I would like to change
4. I feel like I am an attractive person
5. There are many things about my body I would like to change
6. I am relating and interacting in many new ways with people since my separation
7. Joining a singles group would make me feel I was a loser like them
8. I feel like unloading my feelings of anger and hurt upon my former love partner
9. I hope my former love partner is feeling as much or more emotional pain than I am
10. I am unable to control my emotions
11. I am afraid to trust people who might become love partners
12. I either have no appetite or eat continuously which is unusual for me
13. I have given up on my former love partner and getting back together
14. I feel very frightened inside
15. It is important that my family, friends, and associates be on my side rather than on my former love partner's side
16. I feel uncomfortable even thinking about dating
17. I have noticed my body weight is changing a great deal
18. I avoid people even though I want and need friends
19. I sigh a lot
20. I believe it is best for all concerned to have our love relationship end
21. I feel adequate as a fe/male love partner
22. Life is somehow passing me by
23. I am afraid of becoming emotionally close to another love partner
24. Even on the days when I am feeling good, I may suddenly become sad and start crying
25. I can't believe our love relationship is ending
26. I become upset when I think about my love partner dating someone
27. People want to have a love relationship with me because I feel like a lovable person
28. I feel comfortable going to social events even though I am single
29. I understand the reasons why our love relationship did not work out
30. I need to improve my feelings of self-worth about being a wo/man
31. What is your gender?
32. >Do you have kids?
33. >What do you do during normal work hours?
34. > Where are you in the divorce process?

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