Divorce Adjustment Quiz Test

Welcome to the Divorce Self-Assessment.

This divorce self-assessment allows you to get a reliable score of the state of your mental health. As you move through your recovery process you will see your score rise.

The following statements are feelings and attitudes that people frequently experience after a love relationship has ended. Read each statement. Decide how frequently the statement applies to your present feelings and attitudes. Mark your response on your answer sheet. Do not leave any statements blank. If the statement is not appropriate for you in your present situation, answer the way you feel you might if that statement were appropriate.

After taking the self-assessment, your overall score will be shown. We will send your scores as as quickly as possible. Please allow a few minutes to take the self-assessment and should you need to leave the assessment, you may need to re-start again.


I like being the person I am


I have given up on my former love partner and getting back together


I can communicate with my former love partner in a calm and rational manner


I either have no appetite or eat continuously which is unusual for me


I am afraid to trust people who might become love partners


There are many things about my body I would like to change


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> Where are you in the divorce process?

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